It’s been a very busy week. Monday morning I went into town early once again, to watch the soccer worldcup finals with a few other people. We went to the pub where all the Dutch went, and it was great.

Already at the bus stop, there were a couple of other people heading into town to watch the game, and once I was only a couple of hundred meters away from pub, there were lots of people approaching from all directions. Quite funny, considering that it was a Monday morning, cold and dark, when everyone hates having to get up. Inside, it was so full that I had to squeeze through the crowds to make it to the table we had booked (yes, the place was fully booked at 6:30am!!!). Lots of people were dressed in orange, wearing funny orange hats, and had the Dutch flag painted on their faces.

Soccer world cup finals at St Johns

Also quite a few children, TV and radio reporters and of course lots of people in suits dressed for work. It was a great experience and an equally exciting game, with a sad outcome though so everyone left rather quickly afterwards.

I spent most of my lunch breaks getting stuff sorted for my holidays. The weekend was no different and only just now I’ve found time to sit down (instead of going to bed which I should…).

I cannot remember ever having spent so much time on preparing for a 3.5 week holiday. Usually I just book a flight, buy a guidebook and off I go. This trip is a bit different though, as there is not a lot of budget accommodation in the two big towns so you need to book if you don’t want to risk ending up in a flash resort for $200 per night. On the other hand, some of the places I’m going to are so remote that you really have to be well prepared and not forget anything. Also, access to money is not that straightforward once you are out of the two big towns, as there no ATMs anywhere else, and most villages do not even have a bank to cash traveller’s cheques.

But I’m sure all those hours spent on getting everything organised will pay off in the end, and I’ll be amply rewarded by a truly unique trip, with a good glimpse into a totally different way of life, amazing people, and stunning scenery above as well as under the water.


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