Big quake again

There was a really bad aftershock in Christchurch again this afternoon. It was weaker that the original quake on 4 September, but this time people have died and the damage is absolutely huge.

At work, people were following the news, and those with family and friends in Christchurch tried to find out if everyone was ok.

I was wondering what I would do now and I’d say that changes are that I would terminate my lease & job, pack my stuff and get the hell out of the place. It just makes me think that while owning a property in a way reduces your vulnerability regarding desasters such as a currency breakdown, it also makes you more vulnerable towards things like earthquakes as you cannot just walk away and start a new life somewhere else.

At the end of the day a lot comes down to resilience. I’ve been doing a bit of reading about that lately for work. The more I learn about it, the more I think that we really need the paradigm shift away from pure market economics and towards more resilience, as suggested by the Bundeswehr in their report about peak oil.

It’s just not much point in continuing to construct the most amazing, complex, awe inspiring building in the world, if it’s just a house of cards.


One thought on “Big quake again

  1. Hi Uli,
    vulnerability and resilience are two big themes within the disaster community – very often not well defined, sometimes seen as counterparts. The main question for me is – are you prepared? Do you know, what to do during a quake (staying in the house? moving outside? Looking for a shelter beneath a desk? Do you know your evacuation route in the case of a tsunami???



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