Dampfnudeln and the prime minister

I was in Auckland over the weekend to see Gregor, which was nice. We had a go at making “Dampfnudeln”, and they turned out quite well. It was our second attempt, and while the first one had produced quite nice
Dampfnudeln, we burnt the bottom 2cm of them and it took Gregor several days to get the pot clean again.

This time, the Dampfnudeln were really good, and there was only about half a centimetre of burnt bottom this time. Hopefully next time, we’ll get it right.

It will be a while though until I’ll go to Auckland again, as Gregor will visit me the next couple of times in July and August, and in September and October we’ll meet in Hanmer and in Christchurch.

On my way back at Auckland airport, I was reminded what a small country NZ is:

I was on my way to the gate of my flight, and was walking through a quite narrow and busy hallway. For a brief moment, I looked up towards the people coming from the gates. As it happened, I looked straight into the eyes of a guy who was passing me at arm’s length. Nothing unusual you may think. Well, that guy was the prime minister.


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