Our Nelson house

Due to popular demand, here’s a posting devoted entirely to our Nelson house.

This is the street:

001 Locking St (400x300)

If you live in Germany, you might not think much of it. However, for NZ a street like this is highly unusual. Actually, I believe it is the only shared space residential street in the whole country.

The house is a typical 1950s bungalow:

002 No 28 (400x300)

Kitchen and dining room are open plan, here’s a photo of the kitchen taken from the dining area:

003 Kitchen (400x300)

The really cool thing is that while the kitchen & dining area is open plan, there is a French door between this area and the lounge room. Some of you might know that this is exactly what I like – combined kitchen and dining (“Wohnkueche”) but separate lounge.

The bathroom might look pretty average from a European point of view, but for NZ, this is modern:

004 Bathroom(400x300)

You might have noticed that the house is on a hillside. Not what I’m really keen on, as I prefer the flat. However, the nice view of green hills with deciduous trees and little houses completely compensates my dislike for hillside living:

005 View from master bedroom (400x300)

Mind you, living in Wellington is a lot about hills…

What else can I tell you about the house?

It’s a three bedroom place, with single garage, two off street carparks, workshop and garden shed. I love it! And I envy our lucky tenants, a Wellington couple with dog and expecting their first child. So hopefully they appreciate it as much as I do.

So why do I like it so much?

It’s 10 minutes walk to everything – city centre, schools, kindergarten, hospital, industrial area, you name it. And it’s a nice walk, with just the last bit towards the house gently uphill.

All rooms are airy, with lots of light and pleasant – only the loo is South facing, so who cares about that! “Wohnkueche” with separate loung – perfect. Modern bathroom with shower and bath tub, yay! Shady terrace, and sunny deck, so whatever the weather, there’s somewhere nice to sit outside and read a book.

There are a couple of mature fruit trees on the property, and quite a bit of space to grow vegies. It’s just that I think that the previous owner put in too many retaining walls – something for me as a trained landscape gardener to think about doing differently in the future.

This is from my home owner’s point of view. There are further things we considered as landlords, but you’d probably not be very interested in this.

And one day, I hope we will live there happily ever after.


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