Blog posting milestone

I’ve just realised that this blog posting is a major milestone – it’s #300! This makes an average of one posting almost every week, and for me, it’s been a really good way for keeping my friends & family in the loop about what I’m up to.

Not that I really know who reads my blog though…

Gregor and I spent half the weekend agonising over our company name. We’ve started working on the incorporation, and coming up with a company name is one of those things you have to do. We hope to get it all completed soon after the Christmas holidays when our lawyer is back.

On Wednesday morning, I will fly up to Auckland for our working holiday. I really look forward to it, two whole weeks of working away on our first business project. We’re really keen to roll up our sleeves now, after all the reading about online businesses.

I also hope that I’ll be able to catch up a bit on the big delay that my computer problems had caused, now that I have a new computer again that I’m happy with.

You all have a great Christmas break, and enjoy the sun or the snow, depending on where you are.


One thought on “Blog posting milestone

  1. Liebe Uli,
    vielen Dank für all Deine Mühen uns auf Stand über Dein leben zu halten. Die Entwicklungen bei Dir sind ja gerade sehr, sehr spannend.
    Unser Kind ist auch ein spannendes Projekt – ich bin gespannt wohin es mich führt!
    Grüße aus dem gerade wild verschneiten Freising (bis gestern war aber eher Frühling bzw. Herbst, jetzt ist aber für mindestens 1 Woche der Winter da!)


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