Germany: Freising, Kiefersfelden, Wasserburg

Another week gone by and I’m struggling to find the time to put up my holiday photos. It’s just that I’ve been working really hard, and a lot. You just don’t start your own business by sleeping in and lazing in the sun. If there is any as the whole weekend and today have been awful.

Back to my holiday. I spent a day in Freising with my friend Marie who had come down from Hamburg for the day. It was really, really nice just to wander around town together, and then out to the campus.

We shared a big Bavarian lunch at the Braeustueberl:

071 Mittagessen im Braeustueberl (400x300)

Later, we made our way back to the airport and had a last drink at the Airbraeu before Marie had to catch her flight.

On the weekend, I went to see my grandmother in Kiefersfelden. She’s ancient and while her mind is crystal clear, the rest of her body is failing her more and more.

Her neighbour Rosie who looks after her quite a bit and her husband took me out to lunch, to a place with a beautiful view of the Kaiser mountains:

073 Aussicht Kaiser und Inntal von Hummelei aus (400x300)

When I left in the evening, it was quite hard with my grandmother and I saying goodbye to each other for good. No doubt she won’t be around anymore when I will make it to Europe again (who knows when that will be).

A short ride on the train got my to my friend Sandra’s place where I stayed for the remainder of the weekend. Together with her little boy, we went on a day trip to Wasserburg, a cute old town with picturesque location in a river bend:

082 Blick auf Wasserburg (400x300)

There’s still a pillory in the city, not that it would be used but I think there aren’t that many towns where this has survived:

077 Pranger (400x300)

That’s it for tonight, it’s getting late and with my feet and hands being ice blocks, I’d really like to have a hot shower now to warm up and then go to sleep.


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