Rest in peace Rob

Last week, Rob Hutchins  of the Electro-Sensitive Trust NZ unexpectedly died.
Rob and I had never met in person but we had a number of long phone conversations over the last couple of years. Conversations that I hugely enjoyed and always went away from feeling uplifted and inspired.
According to the Otago Daily Times, Rob  died in a house fire in his own home.
I still find it hard to believe that he’s gone.
It’s a big loss for electro-sensitive people in NZ.  For me, he was the spider in the web who connected us and a shining light in advocating for electro-sensitive people in NZ.
It was through him that I got to Anahata Yoga Retreat for my holiday. And through him I got in touch with a young electro-sensitive guy in Wellington with whom I now catch up regularly.
Rob was an impressive and extraordinary person. An unusually critical thinker for New Zealand, with the courage to call a spade a spade and speak up for the truth. Despite him not being able to use a computer because of his ES, he was incredibly well informed and always up to date about anything concerning ES.
His life wasn’t easy, but he was always cheerful despite the difficulties he faced on a daily basis.
In our last phone conversation earlier this year, we both agreed that we wanted to build an “informal network of electro-sensitive people in New Zealand”. I now feel more committed than ever to this task.
Having planted the seed for this network to grow it beyond what it currently is will forever be his legacy for me.

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