This was the Ozzie trip

My trip to Australia was nice, and it was great to see my friend Marie again. There were five of us: Marie and her partner, Marie’s cousin and his wife, and me. We met up in Sydney, had a bit of a look around there, and then drove up the coast to Newcastle.

None of us particularly liked Sydney. I found it noisy, polluted, the CBD a wasteland of concrete and asphalt, and not having much of an atmosphere. Of course it was cool to see the famous opera house and harbour bridge though:

03 Ich mit Harbour Bridge

Australia does have nice beaches indeed, here’s one where we went for a swim on our last day of travelling together:

10 Birubi Beach bei Port Stephens

A major highlight for any German living in NZ is of course a visit to Aldi:

07 Ich beim Aldi

Then back to Sydney, where the others headed off to the airport to fly back to Melbourne, and I stayed on one more day. The view from the roof of the hostel was amazing, over the harbour but also towards the CBD:

14 Wolkenkratzer bei Nacht

On my last day, I caught the ferry out to Manly. Here’s a view of the CBD and opera house:

23 Sydney CBD und Opera House

Manly was great, with gorgeous golden beaches:

22 Manly der Strand

Sunbathing still hasn’t gone out of fashion there yet:

18 Eastern Water Dragon

It was a very relaxing trip with plenty of sleep, just what I needed.