Rest in peace Rob

Last week, Rob Hutchins  of the Electro-Sensitive Trust NZ unexpectedly died.
Rob and I had never met in person but we had a number of long phone conversations over the last couple of years. Conversations that I hugely enjoyed and always went away from feeling uplifted and inspired.
According to the Otago Daily Times, Rob  died in a house fire in his own home.
I still find it hard to believe that he’s gone.
It’s a big loss for electro-sensitive people in NZ.  For me, he was the spider in the web who connected us and a shining light in advocating for electro-sensitive people in NZ.
It was through him that I got to Anahata Yoga Retreat for my holiday. And through him I got in touch with a young electro-sensitive guy in Wellington with whom I now catch up regularly.
Rob was an impressive and extraordinary person. An unusually critical thinker for New Zealand, with the courage to call a spade a spade and speak up for the truth. Despite him not being able to use a computer because of his ES, he was incredibly well informed and always up to date about anything concerning ES.
His life wasn’t easy, but he was always cheerful despite the difficulties he faced on a daily basis.
In our last phone conversation earlier this year, we both agreed that we wanted to build an “informal network of electro-sensitive people in New Zealand”. I now feel more committed than ever to this task.
Having planted the seed for this network to grow it beyond what it currently is will forever be his legacy for me.


It was a bit of a difficult week for me as I had a headache like I haven’t had it in a long time. I felt pretty crap for a couple of days with the pain being ever present and impacting on my work and enjoyment of life.

Considering that I lived with this pain for 1 or 2 years until I had reduced my EMF exposure quite a bit, it doesn’t surprise me that I felt low and grumpy most of the time back then.

The crazy thing is that this time, it was entirely and inadvertently self-inflicted.

I had had a bit of a headache all weekend but didn’t take it that seriously as it was a completely normal weekend at home, spending most of my time in my shielded room.

Surely it was just a random thing.not to worry about?

On Monday night, when I packed my backpack for work, I realised that my cell phone was turned on. Not that I ever keep it turned on. But since the earthquakes, I’ve had it in my backpack just in case. And obviously other stuff in my backpack must have put pressure on it and turned it on.

So for days, I was just a couple of meters away from my turned on cellphone. Day and night. In a part shielded room with quite weak cellphone reception which means that my cellphone would have radiated quite significantly.

Oh the pain…

By now, I feel much better again. But this was certainly a lesson to ALWAYS take seriously what my body is telling me. And if the reason isn’t obvious, then to go searching for it until I’ve found and dealt with it.

Why I lost my my work space

The engineering reports of the post earthquake assessments of our office building at work have now been made available to staff. I had a look and there were photos in the report of my desk post quake, and the ceiling above my manager’s desk.

In a nutshell, our desk locations would  have been a hospital pass had we been at our desks.

Luckily enough the quake was at night and both of us in the relative safety of our homes when it happened. So my manager wasn’t knocked out by ceiling tiles crashing down on him. And I didn’t fall into the seismic joint and being squeezed by its movements.

Why I know this?

Take a look at the photos from the engineering report. This one here is the ceiling right above where David’s desk used to be:


And this was my desk with my chair right on – or rather in – the seismic joint:


Result is that there won’t be any more desks on and around the joints.

So my desk is now in a safer space. I wouldn’t call it perfectly safe though, considering that on top of the part of the building where I’m now seated there’s a 14-floor apartment building.

But other possible locations for my work space are all unsuitable as they are too close to wifi routers and with more people seated close-by. So I’ve decided to run the risk of being squashed by the apartment building should there be a big quake again and the building collapses. Instead of the 100% certain fact to get zapped pretty badly by wifi and other people’s computers and wirelsss gadgets.

I now work primarily home based. It’s taken me a couple of weeks to get used to it and develop a new routine. It helped that it’s summer now with a comfortable 18 to 21 degrees in my room.

Big thank you to my direct manager Glenn who has been very understanding and supportive of my health journey to become free of symptoms of to electro-sensitivity. I’m also impressed by my employer’s willingness to accommodate for people’s health requirements and enabling them to continue in their roles like myself.

I’m very grateful for this and my heart goes out to fellow electro-sensitive people whose managers and employers don’t treat them so kindly.Kia kaha – be strong.

Big change part 1 – work

Big change is happening in Gregor’s and my life, and fast.

I have a goal of seeing a significant improvement in my quality of life by 1 October this year, and it’s started to happen.

Thanks to a change of CEO at work lots of opportunities have started to open up for me, after a few years of what basically was business as usual for me. Just this week, we’ve kicked off a pilot project  where I’ve taken up the role of process lead and facilitator. It’s about trying a new methodology that I have found on the internet, and where my manager then found the perfect opportunity to try it out.

It’s fast, it’s fun, and it helps me build a new skills set and one that I’m very interested in.

To make it feasible within my 36-hour-week, I’ve stepped away from a piece of work that I’ve owned for 5 or 6 years. As a colleague put it, an era has come to an end!

There’s more good stuff about work, and important good stuff, with the dark cloud over my head regarding mobilisation of how we work off  the immediate horizon, thanks to a lack of money . And my fantastic manager supports my very flexible way of working which allows me to work from home as needed to escape the wireless radiation in the office.

In fact, I had a couple of weeks recently of being free of symptoms from electro-sensitivity!

Symptoms are back now after I was in the office for a consecutive 5 days, but I’m definitely on the right track to achieve my 1 October goal of being free of symptoms of ES in my usual everyday life (which is 3 days in the office and 4 days at home).

With my EMF exposure being much reduced, what’s making a big difference now is strengthening my health. Detoxification, clean nutritious food and sunlight are the key elements. That’s what I’ve been working on for more than a year now, with success.

I’ll tell you more in my next post.



Hot and humid

As yo can tell by the frequency of my blog posts, it’s busy times for me and I really struggle to post my usual weekly updates.

It’s not just the business now that keeps me busy. Since mid last week, all of a sudden my skills are in hot demand at work. After years of slow going, everything seems to happen NOW.

In a way it’s self-inflicted that I’ve got so much to do. We’re going to go through big change, and with big change come big opportunities. I’m rarely short of ideas anyway, but now it’s just incredible with all the doors opening for my area of work. Just yesterday, I’ve been told about having my name against 3 additional tasks!

Oh and by the way I was asked whether I might be available to become a delegate for the union for our floor at work. Which I declined not because I wouldn’t be interested (I would absolutely love this kind of work) but because I really need to be mindful about my stress levels.

Which gets my to my other big project of making my health as strong as I can. So that I can have a nice life despite the increasing levels of radiation from mobile technology. Which means that if I’m not working for my day job or moonlighting for the business, I work on my health project.

Since the fast I did  a year ago was such a success, I’m going to do it again. It might seem counter-intuitive but not eating actually requires a fair amount of preparation. So I’ve been busy with that, too.

But now it’s time to retreat for my daily quiet time of reflection and meditation. I’ve started on inner work about a couple of months ago, and ever since I’ve been on the journey of my life.

If my diet and lifestyle changes have been very rewarding with some really amazing surprises, this one now goes beyond my wildest dreams. Things now happen. There is a flow that I haven’t felt in years. Everything seems more intense, more real.

And life gives me everything I need.

Like an unbelievably warm winter. It’s so hot and humid here today that I had to take a layer off to not sweat sitting at my computer. NOT SWEAT!!!! Can you believe it!!!

16 degrees in my bedroom. Life really gives me what I need. Everything’s possible.

Exciting times

Lots happening here lately, virtually on all fronts.

At work, we’ve got a new CEO and it looks like we’re in for a major restructure. What concerns my particular area of work, I  think it will be very beneficial. The big question though is if it will be beneficial for me personally.

I’m saying this because a change in manager is a risk for me, considering that I need special working arrangements to be able to do my job because of my electro-sensitivity. And since work arrangements are up to the discretion of the manager, I could find myself without a job – or rather a job that I can actually do – quite quickly,

But worrying about this can wait and is useless anyway, so I’m pretty excited about all the opportunities that I can see for my work.

With the business, Gregor and I are now just days away for running our first advertising campaign. It’s been a long hard slog to get there, with many hours slaving away at our computers, spending the most beautiful summer days stuck inside, and on grey winter days shivering and with fingers stiff from the cold.

The next weeks will be scary, as we’ll need a while to make things profitable. But again worrying is pointless, in the end it’ll just be a necessary phase of intense learning before success will eventually arrive. And I have absolutely no doubt that Gregor and I will be able to “make it” in the end.

I’ve also had a huge success with my efforts to strengthen my health. At the end of last year, I set myself a number of goals for 1 October this year, some of these health related. A particular goal where I had thought not long ago that I wouldn’t be able to make my October deadline I’ve now achieved already. In April in fact, half a year ahead of my deadline!

It’s given me a huge confidence boost that I’m on the right track with my life. Straying beyond the well-trodden paths of conventional medicine and an office career isn’t easy.

But hey, life is an adventure, there to be lived to the fullest in all its glory and misery that it has to offer.


Too busy and dead tired.

Have been sleeping outside behind the house since end of January because the new neighbours’ wireless devices pollute my bedroom (cordless phones, wifi routers etc. often have a reach of a couple of hundred metres!).

It’s actually turned out to be quite an interesting experience. Fact is that I sleep incredibly well on my cheap thin sleeping mat under the stars. Between a crumbling retaining walls and the rubbish bins:



Just that last night, a cold wind that came up halfway through the night blowing right into my sleeping bag.  It made for a bit of an uncomfortable night and I must have woken up a hundred times. Or at least that’s what it felt like.

But usually my quality of sleep is top notch. Better than in my 20s.

It hasn’t always been that way. As for many people, my quality of sleep gradually declined over many years. By the time it became noticeable that I just wasn’t sleeping as well anymore as I used to, I had hit my forties.

Which made me think that it must be because of growing older. Everyone knows that as you grow older, you sleep more lightly after all!

Well, it’s bollocks. Your quality of sleep depends on your lifestyle. Age is not the reason – it’s a lame excuse to not take it seriously what your body is trying to tell you and to make the changes that are necessary.

There’s no silver bullet. It’s a number of little tweaks I made to how I live, work and sleep. All of which gradually helped restore my quality of sleep.

What I’m experiencing now goes beyond good sleep. It’s absolutely AWESOME.

Not just the sleep bit. Even more so the getting up. Never since my teenage years did I find it easy to get up in the morning. But now I do!

You might say that must be because of the hard ground I sleep on being so uncomfortable that I can’t wait to get up again, right? WRONG.

Fact is that once the alarm has gone off, it takes me just a couple of minutes to be fully awake. Not 10 or 15 minutes as it used to. And I actually feel like I WANT to get out of my sleeping bag and start the day! Instead of rolling over and finally dragging myself out of bed half an hour later.

I haven’t quite got to the bottom of it yet what has done the trick. Is it the fresh air?

Or is it that I’ve been on a 90/10 alkaline/acid diet for the last few weeks? Gorging on fresh vegetables to my heart’s content and bone broth with some meat or fish.

Anyway, for now I’m just stoked by the unexpected effects of my recent lifestyle changes.

Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not going to sleep under the stars forever. As we speak, or rather as I write, radiation shielding material for my bedroom is making its way across the oceans, hopefully to reach our shores in the next couple of weeks in time for the end of the warm season.

Anyway, time for me now to hit the pillow. No rain forecast so it looks like another night of pure AWESOMENESS.

It’s been a while

Time for an update – at least for a quick one as I’ve been silent about my life after my holiday.

It’s really warmed up here now, with the sun out quite often and really having strength now. So much that I have to start to be careful so that I won’t burn. But that’s a nice problem to have, after months of struggling to keep warm.

I’ve been pretty busy as always. The big difference is that I’ve finally figured out what way of working at home for the business really suits me. It’s crazy, I had to go way out of my personal comfort zone to find what I’m comfortable with for the business.

Believe it or not, ever since I’ve been back from my holiday, I’ve been a morning person. Yes, I who I vastly prefer not to get up before 9am if I don’t need to, and who I love the dark and staying up until midnight. Now getting up between 5 and 6am. Every day, weekends included.

The other key component of my business way of working is a timetable. Just like in school. For my whole day from dusk till dawn. Monday to Sunday.

Doesn’t sound like much fun to you?

It isn’t, but it works.

As hard as it is, fun has to wait. The clock is seriously ticking now for my paid job. Rollout of a mobile way of working will start early in the next year. It’s not clear yet when the office I work at will be fitted with this, but given that it’s head office, it will hardly be done last.

It’s scary times for me. There’s no escape from the wireless tsunami.

I really like my job and feel that I do contribute to the goals of the organisation. But my professional future doesn’t look too bright anymore, hence my working furiously through the weekends. I do enjoy my business work though,  it really challenges me and pushes my boundaries, both on a technical and a personal level.

It’s nearly 8pm now, time for me to call it a day and get ready for an early night.

Chocolate hangover

My detox has worked. How I know? Because I have a massive hangover today. From chocolate!!!

Last night, I had 125g of nice Whittaker chocolate. Cocoa content 60%, no fancy flavours, just plain good quality chocolate. Something I’ve had many times before.

At the time I went to bed at 11pm which is rather late for me, I felt as if I had drunk a bucket of coffee – humming like a high voltage power pylon and wide awake. Up again after a not particularly restful night at 6am, still humming. Headachey. Nauseous. Hung over, to put it bluntly.

What it means is that the detox has cleared decades of rubbish from my body. Stripped off the sediment of toxic mucus throughout my digestive system. So that my body now actually absorbs what I eat.

Welcome to the new world of a healthy digestive system. Message of body to mind: Don’t you dare mess with me – you put crap in, you pay. Not in 10 years time through chronic disease. Credit card cancelled. Cash only. Now.

I’m stunned. And grateful that my path in life has led me to this point. Now, not in 10 years time.

As bizarre as it is, there is one good thing really about having become electro-sensitive. It’s been a huge wake up call for me to learn to actually listen to my body. And to take its message seriously.

Yes life with electro-sensitivity is difficult. But at least I have a chance now to get through it without becoming seriously ill from it. As opposed to the many other people out there who have no clue that it’s misuse of their bodies that’s at the root of their health ailments.

Chocolate hangover? Cheers for that, I got the message.

Sleeping on the floor

About I month ago, I sold my bed. It was a beautiful timber slat bed with coil spring mattress.

When I bought it, I knew that spring mattresses are not great for health, but in NZ, the good mattresses simply are spring mattresses. So I thought it should be ok. And it was, at least until I became electro-sensitive.

To be honest, I actually was sceptical whether getting rid of the bed would make any difference at all to my symptoms. But since I had read and been told that spring mattresses are really not good, I thought that I better follow the advice.

So I sold the bed and have been sleeping on the floor ever since.

During the week after Easter, I realised that the pain in my head was less than usual. I first put it down to the couple of days we had spent on the islands over Easter. But miraculously the level of pain stayed low.

It took me a while to put two and two together that it must have been the bed!

Initially, spleeping on the floor was literally hard. But now my body has got used to it and I sleep just as well as I did (or thought I did) in my bed.

And really, having a bed and soft mattress is just a cultural thing. Yes it did develop in response to the environment our cultures emerged in. So it absolutely makes sense to sleep on more than banana leaves where the ground is cold or damp (not that bananas would grow where it’s cold anyway). But all else is just culture!

So I have no intention to buy a bed again. Instead, I will get a roll-up Futon mat. This will provide the insulation I need to keep warm (remember I live in an old house with zero insulation). During the day, I can stash the mat away and use the floor space for something else.

And with the bed gone, my 8.5 square metre room now actually feels big and spacious.