A weekend in Hanmer Springs

Last weekend, Gregor and I went to Hanmer Springs again, just like last year. It was really nice again. This time, we did not just soak in the hot pools but also went for a couple of walks.

On Saturday, we climbed Mt Isobel, the “Hausberg” of Hanmer Springs:

05 Mt Isobel

It’s only a couple of hours up, but the views of the surrounding snow covered mountains were awesome:

04 Noch eine Aussicht in die Berge

South Island high country is stunning and quite different to the valleys of the European Alps. Here’s a view towards Molesworth:

02 Aussicht Richtung Molesworth von Mt Isobel aus

It was very windy that day and freezing cold on the mountain, which made sitting in the hot pools later on at night even more rewarding.

On Sunday, the wind had died down but unfortunately the mountains were in the clouds. So we went for a bush walk to a waterfall:

06 Wasserfall

Then back to the village for another couple of hours in the hot pools.

The whole weekend reminded me again that it’s the South Island where I really want to live. There’s nothing as awesome as the mountains for me, and having them yet again within 2 hours drive would be so nice. Wellington is by far the best city in NZ when it comes to urban quality and feel, but really it’s Christchurch where I would feel at home.

For now, Wellington is fine, since I really like my job. But I’m sure the time will come to move on and shift South one day.


Lazy weekend

Gregor and I went to Hanmer Springs over the weekend. This is a little town in the Southern Alps, and the prime reason for its existence are its thermal pools.

On Saturday morning, we climbed up conical hill, from where there’s a nice view all around. Hanmer is on a plain that’s surrounded by low mountains:

Sept11 Hanmer Springs Blick vom Conical Hill

There was still snow on the mountain tops, which was very pretty and made me want to climb up there and hop around in the snow. Mountains are really evil, they make me have this urge to go up there and then it’s really hard to just stay down in the valley.

Sept11 Hanmer Springs Berge

We spent most of Saturday evening in the hot pools, and again a few more hours on Sunday. There are various pools with different temperatures and features, so it’s really relaxing and doesn’t get boring. All this with a view of the mountains!

It still gets quite chilly down there at this time of the year, but the sun is already really hot, so during the day it was very pleasant. The other thing is that it’s not that windy there. So even though temperatures are lower, it feels warmer than Wellington. It just shows what a strong factor the wind is and how much it spoils the climate in Wellington.