Haven’t told you about my Easter weekend yet. Pete went away on a paddling trip, so it looked like I would have quiet four days and the house by myself. Instead a flatmate and his girlfriend asked me to go to Napier with them, visit Cape Kidnappers and do a tramp to some hot pools in the bush. I hadn’t done any of it yet, so on Thursday evening off I went with them.

Good Friday was a beautiful warm day, and the walk out to the cape was spectacular. You walk along the beach, with cliffs towering above. On these cliffs different layers of sediment are clearly distinguishable which I found quite fascinating.

CapeKidnappers Klippen

The main attraction is the gannet colony at the cape plateau, though. Most of the chicks had already left, but it was impressive nevertheless. I’m not a birdwatcher at all, but these birds are beautiful!


Saturday was a lazy day. I went out to Hohepa to buy some decent cheese. Could not resist the herb quark, which turned out to be a great success since even the Kiwis liked it.

Easter Sunday and Monday was devoted to tramping. We went to a hot spring in the bush. It was just cool enough to actually enjoy sitting in a hot tub.

Mangatainoka HotPools

We camped out there, me in a bivvie bag under a tree popular among the local possums. The tramp out on the next day was so hot that we could not be bothered to have a soak in the hot pools at the car park.

Since then summer seems to have quietly left us. Even on sunny days it’s cool in the shade now, and the temperature inside the house has dropped to 18-19°C. The weekend has been quite wet, with rain yesterday and low cloud sitting on the hills right now.

This morning was nice though, so I could enjoy my little ride to the market. As usual, I’ve also bought something new to me. So tonight we will have stirfry with fresh Asian noodles, mung beans, Chinese no-idea-hows-it-called green leafy stuff, thinly sliced lamb, and some mystery leafy aromatic herbs on top.