Twizel & rowing masters

A few weeks ago, Gregor and I went to Twizel with his rowing club. This was for the masters competition where Gregor was taking part.

Twizel is down South, not too far from Mt Cook. We had a quick stop at Tekapo on the way:

001 Lake Tekapo & Mt Cook Berge (400x300)

On the way back, it was all blue skies and sun, but unfortunately we didn’t have the time for a stop again.

Anyway, this wasn’t a weekend to admire the mountains, but for rowing. Gregor is second from the right in the boat in the front of the photo:

005 Gregor im Vierer (400x300)

Here’s the little bay where people get on and off:

002 Ruderturnier (400x300)

I didn’t just hang around the race track though but went for a bit of a walk. Just a short walk away it was all peace and quiet:

004 Lake Ruataniwha (400x300)

It was a great weekend in a very beautiful part of the country!