I’ve finally caught up on most of the things that have piled up over my holiday. Time to post some photos, here are a few from Shanghai.

Megan and I spent the weekend having a look around Shanghai, and a trip to Suzhou, a town just a short hop out of Shanghai by high speed train.

Traditional street:

001 Shanghai traditional street (400x300)

In fact, there are fewer and fewer of those as most of the old parts of town have been torn down by now to make room for development. That’s high rise offices, shopping malls and the like.

Here’s how it looks like from high up in one of those skyscrapers – there’s not much left of the old town really:

006 View from NZ consulate on traditional suburb (400x300)

The Bund, seen from the rooftop of the Fairmont hotel:

010 The Bund from rooftop of Fairmont hotel (400x300)

Former French concession – all leafy streets and a bit of French flair:

032 French concession houses 2 (400x300)

Day trip to Suzhou – a big tourist attraction, mainly because the old town has been done up there very nicely with arts & craft shops and cafes:

020 Pingjiang Lu (400x300)

All this along a picturesque old canal:

024 Boote auf dem kanal (400x300)

As Megan had to work on my two remaining days, I went on a tour on one of them. It was all about dumplings, where we visited a range of small street restaurants, ate insane amounts of very yummy dumplings (well I did), and got to make our own in a workshop.

My dumplings:

045 Ich und meine fertigen Knoedel (400x300)

If you ever get the opportunity to go to Shanghai, I’d say do so. It’s one thing to read about the rapid development, the air pollution, and the huge population, but it’s an entirely different thing to experience it first hand.