The trip as it was – From Singapore to Kiefersfelden

Our first stop was Singapore. I quite liked it, efficient, clean, lots of green spaces and yummy Asian food. Modern architecture gone wild just as much as a few remaining old houses:

002 Singapur Stadtansicht008 Singapur alte Haeuser am Fluss

Lower Bavaria where I visited my mother was quite a contrast, with its centuries old farmhouses, and a signpost from the time when Bavaria was a kingdom:

020 NiederBY altes Gehoeft mit Tor014 NiederBY alter Wegweiser

Then a weekend in the mountains in the Graswangtal with Klaus and Elke:

029 Elke Klaus und ich vor der Huette034 Blick ueber den Puerschling

It was quite cold and a bit wet, but it was great to be back in the mountains and in a hut, with the log fire going and good food.

I stayed another day with them in Uffing and Klaus and I cycled around the Staffelsee:

046 Blick ueber den Staffelsee von der Badestelle aus

It was really nice to be back on a bike again, my very own one as I had never taken my foldable bike to NZ. So that was fun, a very pleasant experience as opposed to cycling in NZ.

The couple of days that I then stayed in Kiefersfelden to visit my grandmother were really hot. I went to the Hechtsee a couple of times to go for a swim, beautiful little lake with an amazing view of the Wilder Kaiser:

052 Hechtsee und Wilder Kaiser

Even though it was so hot, I couldn’t resist the mountains and climbed up the Zahmer Kaiser one day. Nice view from the track of Kufstein with the castle watching over it:

054 Kufstein vom Aufstieg auf die Naunspitze aus

From the summit, the view of the Wilder Kaiser was fantastic, but unfortunately too hazy for great photos.