Easter trip

Over the Easter weekend, Gregor and I went to the Bay of Plenty. We spent Good Friday wandering around in the old gold mining area of Karangahake, and driving down to Whakatane. The weather wasn’t spectacular, but good enough to go to White Island on Saturday. Here are a few pictures:

15 Huegel mit Dampf09 Schwefelige Vents22 White Island

On Sunday, we went to Tarawera Falls. To get there, we followed the creek that feeds the falls. This is quite an interesting walk because at some stage the creek completely disappears underground through cracks in the rock. It only re-emerges at a steep cliff face where the water comes out of the rock again as the Tarawera Falls:

25 Tarawera Falls

Tarawera Lake is also quite nice:

27 Lake Tarawera

Back in civilisatio again, we went to the hot pools in Kawerau. This is a logging town, and the pools are for free!

On Monday, the weather had completely turned crap and it was bucketing down. We decided that we would drive to Te Aroha and go sit in the hot pools there. On the way though, along the Kaimai ranges, we saw a big water fall from the road, so instead of continuing to the hot pools, we went for a walk there. The track went through beautiful and dense bush all the way to the top of the falls, and even though it was raining all the time, it was only dripping a bit under the trees and we even didn’t need a rain coat:

28 Wairere Falls Walk Gregor

The way back to Auckland turned out to be a bit hectic, as there was a massive traffic jam. Luckily enough, we could find our way back via little roads and I just made it to the airport in time to catch my flight back to Wellington.